About Me

Annelize Frost is a Cape Town based director / producer who is deft in both the production and creative sides of the craft.

Annelize began her career at a very young age in the AD department of international feature films, having worked with renowned directors such as Tarsem, Anthony Mighella and Carroll Ballard. After years of traveling the world working on feature films, Annelize moved across to commercial powerhouse, Velocity Films, under the tutelage of the legendary Keith Rose, producing commercials as his Assistant Director.

Annelize made the natural progression into directing and producing in 2014.

Anyone that has worked with Annelize on a project will tell you that her tireless work ethic and dogged pursuit of her creative vision is motivating, energizing and infectious. Annelize creates & produces consistently uniquely & creative content across all genres and budgets. Her body of work spans across commercials, branded content and PSAs. Annelize’s greatest strength as a director lies in understanding budgets as a producer, but also her distinctive ability to dream up creative solutions without losing focus to tell a story in a straightforward, yet effortless fashion.